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    label: breakbeat kaos

    “The stream-lined, super-slick sound of 21st century D&B” Mixmag Since they first burst onto the scene with their own unique brand of highly charged, uplifting dance floor drum & bass there are few who can deny the impact the Brookes Brothers have had in creating the current wave of feel-good music that perpetuates throughout the D&B movement. Snapped up exclusively by Breakbeat Kaos back in 2007 there have been many imitators but simply none have come close to the blissful musicality that runs through the Brookes’ veins and now the bar’s about to be pushed even higher with their astonishing debut album. Throwing up a few surprises along the way and full to the brim of their trademark hi-end production this self-titled opus is a truly breathtaking, ear-pleasing achievement that will set the standard for years to come and put a smile on your face in the process. Get ready for the Brookes Brothers effect! 1. Beautiful ft. Robert Owens Intro!!! Dripping with sumptuous orchestration and soaring vocals from none other than the legendary Robert Owens, this is pure, unadulterated Brookes Brothers at their best. A sunshine stormer that parts clouds! 2. Paperchase ft. Danny Byrd Teaming up with Hospital’s Byrd man was only going to result in one thing – good times! The two camps collaborate to bring a peak-time slab of cut-up vocals, sweeping strings, and punching bass to life. 3. Tear You Down (2011) Anthem time. Their biggest release do date back in 2008 spent 2 weeks at no.1 in the UK dance chart and a further 15 weeks in the top 20. Playlisted, earning ‘Record of The Week’ status from the likes of Sara Cox on Radio1, it paved the way for others to follow. Now here with shiny new vocals for 2011, it never fails. 4. Souvenir An old-skool rush full of ethereal pads and twinkling fx that drip over shuffling breaks and a bassline that harks back to the golden years of the jungle days. Jazz influence drops throughout and paves the way to a breakdown to make your spine tingle. Awe-inspring stuff. 5. Good Burger It’s a big-band mashup! Orchestral stabs, Hammond organ and an almost p-funk flavour run riot in this fun-fuelled ride into the Brookes Brothers’ fairground. One for the whole family. 6. Last Night Skipping, delicate breaks and hurtling synths send this on its way with the dreamy sustained vocals that have seen many a club surrender to its gorgeous future soul sensibilities. 7. Not Just Yet One of the most epic intros ever seen in D&B lies here with an equally epic journey that shows why the Brothers are the leaders of their field. The production is astonishing, the vibes are uplifting and the end result is undoubtedly enthralling. 8. In Your Eyes ft. Johnny Osbourne Next up we dial down the BPM’s for some future-dubstep manoeuvres featuring vocals from 70’s reggae supremo Johnny Osbourne. Lovers rock for the rave generation with bass so hard the earth will almost certainly move for you. 9. War Cry Coming with something entirely different, Brookes step outside their box once more; ‘War Cry’ is a sonic explosion of halfstepping beats, snarling bass hits, thunderous subs and vocal chants that’ll be with you long after it’s over. 10. Corpse Bride More unchartered territory for Brookes as they drop into electro-house mode for the gothic leanings of this furiously funky excursion. Four to the floor from the off it’s all stylish synth-pop sensations and curious vocals….until the drop! 11. Snowman Back up to speed and ‘Snowman’ turns out to be anything but cold. Lush, warm synths soar throughout this galloping slice of life with cascading fx that sparkle and inspire to the end. Drum & bass to fly to. 12. The Big Blue Possibly the largest party tune in D&B this year. Bringing the disco flavours bang up to date for 2011, Brookes Brothers deliver the most turbo-charged, grin-inducing wall-of-sound production to ever have come out of their studio. Whilst ‘Beautiful’ parts clouds, this one stops wars! 13. Daybreak ft. Tasha Baxter Stepping out of the club and the brothers drop one final jaw-dropping piece of music to accompany the journey home. ‘Daybreak’ is simply stunning with exquisite string arrangements and sublime melancholy vocals from Tasha Baxter that shows their unrivalled musicality once more. Just sit back and enjoy, Balearic business. 14. Outro The perfect outro befitting of such a staggering debut album that will shine the spotlight firmly upon the Brookes Brothers for the foreseeable, and quite rightly so. “A classic, hands-in-the-air anthem” iDJ ABOUT THE BROOKES BROTHERS: Since their first forays into drum & bass production back in 2002 the Brookes Brothers have come a very long way, establishing themselves as one of the A-list production power-houses in the scene today. Signed exclusively by Breakbeat Kaos in 2007, the duo have gone on to chart-topping success and garnered recognition that most can only dream of within only a few years. Their debut single on BBK ‘Hard Knocks’ b/w ‘Mistakes’ saw them off with a bang, picking up huge support from not only the likes of Andy C and Grooverider but also Zane Lowe and Pete Tong on BBC radio 1. Collaborations followed in 2008 with Ram’s Culture Shock and also with Hospital’s Danny Byrd whose joint effort ‘Goldrush’ received massive plaudits from critics everywhere. It was their remix of J Majik & Wickaman’s ‘Crazy World’ though the same year that did what not many other D&B producers have ever managed to do and make it onto national daytime radio playlists. Now rapidly becoming a household name the remix requests began to pour in and their glorious re-work of ‘Star Guitar’ was one of the many outstanding results. Proving they were no flash in the pan the brothers then came up with their biggest release to date, the awe-inspiring, Radio 1 play-listed, ‘Tear You Down’. Spending 2 weeks at no.1 in the UK dance chart and a further 15 weeks in the top 20, even being made ‘Record Of the Week’ by Radio 1’s Sara Cox gave them yet another injection of worldwide critical acclaim that others will find hard to beat. Since then remix work for the likes of Norman Cook and Filthy Dukes has kept their name in lights along with a hectic global DJ’ing schedule. Now as the imminent release of their eagerly awaited debut album approaches the Brookes Brothers look set to reach the upper echelons of dance music and take the world by storm with their unique brand of soulful, future-thinking, dance floor drum & bass.

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