• e*rock The Clock & the Mountain (CD, £12.50)

    label: audio dregs recordings

    Leaving the bucolic sounds of earlier E*Rock releases, THE CLOCK & THE MOUNTAIN hits hard. While not standard dance floor material, this album ventures into mysterious outer reaches of psych-infused electro, fierce upbeat bangers and arpeggiated analog synth moods that makes for a diverse, yet cohesive and strangely refreshing listen.Imagine a dark sphere that is all the time and space in the universe. Second time is the entire surface area reflected backwards. Part of us, our unconscious part, can glimpse the forms and ideas reflected on the hollow shell of the nothingness beyond our Universe. We can perceive any stream, and any stream within a stream, as a constellation. But if we enquire as to our fate no particle will be visible. Consciously, however, the one strand of second-time that we can imagine we can perceive from out of second time we call history. It is history we are called upon to abandon and preserve. When we enact a revolution we take the second-time constellation, the image we've made to contain the unconscious knowledge, the end. There needs be no such thing as a particle at all in the revolution that has already occurred, that must always occur when it is first made visible. WE ARE ACTORS, CITIZENS OF SPACE. We make our worlds, we make air, we live in them, we sweat in them, we choose every day to join and preserve our life, the life, freedom and competition of our friends and fellow creatures. Our lives are nothing else. Thus it is that so many of us are willing to sacrifice them. There was a dream that many of us who came to space shared but rarely spoke about. What was the nature of this dream? Now, as a new generation comes to age in a world whose limits are as harshly defined as they are potentially infinite, it is time to define it. And, to claim it.Sentimentalists? Romantics? No. We are realists. We survive according to principles of reason alone. In pursuit of this "right to reason" we reject all authority but our own -- resorting only to Bender's test of the True Stranger...Tracklist : 1. The Palace of Light (Revisited) 2. Chrome Plates 3. Higher Hats 4. Java 5. A Dangerous Abstraction 6. Humor Risk 7. False Fortress 8. Hardcastle 9. Lazer Quest 10. A Long Narrow Corridor 11. Black Iron Prison 12. Carlisle

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