• black cat zoot Mutable Transformer Act (CD, £8.25)

    label: Hazelwood

    “Mutable Transformer Act“ was accomplished in Frankfurt´s Hazelwood Studios in 2010 - a provoked melt-down in the band-reactor with the help of the notorious producers Two Horses & Kaneoka One, who were responsible for releases of illustrious music ensembles like Mardi Gras .bb, King Khan, Daniel Johnston, and who are bragging with collaborations of superstars like Motörhead or Barry White. What's left is the seething joy of playing of yesteryears, adjusted to a coordinate system which leaves space for decade- and genre-overlapping ideas. The code word is pop - yes, Pop! Not in the compulsory retarded way of superstars & starlets, but as a counterrevolution and universal expression of the i-generation. A post-modernistic musical comedy with the clichés and pawns of a bygone modern era, with loud and silent scraps of the present - a syncronous defueling of neuronal groups, every bit as surreal as brazenly danceable. Everything is Pop! Whoever associates Lisa Miller's name with a mousey, little stepdaughter originating from Grimm´s fairytales possesses powerful imagination, but nevertheless is wrong. Even though seven very young musicians united in the year 2006 to play a fantabulous dirty trick as Black Cat Zoot, the frontwoman and maneater of the septet did not at all bear in mind to hide her light under a bushel. On the recommendation of the American prince of poets Sidney Lanier, the black cat was seeking the warmth of the limelight, and pussyfooted stages all over Europe for four years. With a ludicrous shake of swing, big beat, ska-punk, and funk Black Cat Zoot rose among fans and peers with lightning speed to the position of a wicked sound generator. In addition to a deal with Chicago's record label ’Jump Up Records’ and the role as support act of well-known musicians, the band cranked out prestigious festival performances and before you knew it, the first headliner show was sold out. Success came fast and fierce, and that´s how it came that Lisa's posse did not notice, how the self-strung musical corset increasingly took their breath away. In the year 2009, Black Cat Zoot was faced with the decision of living up to the record label's and supporter´s expectations or to celebrate a creative emancipation.

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