• c-types Devil On 45 (CD, £8.25)

    label: Hazelwood

    A short nod of the head before the drums break loose, suppressed by the twang of the guitars, a foundation in fundamental groove that takes no prisoners. Spectacle, spectacle, spectacle!!! Somewhere in the pentagram between Dick Dale, B-52's, Ramones, Jonathan Richman and the everlasting Reverend Beat-Man where sheer lunacy lives, The C-Types kick up the dust and their sound buries itself deep in your skull. Whoever can listen to this without swinging their hips in appreciation is either dead or disturbed. The Album is produced by Two Horses & Kaneoka One! Psychosis can be described as a heavy psychic disturbance along with a temporary extensive loss of reality. For Woody, singer of the less-than-sane surf-punk group The C-Types, this is still the friendliest of all conceivable definitions. According to his producer, Two Horses, Woody is "absolutely useless!" The fact that the bespectacled super-nerd completed a government-organised training course as an ambulance driver - he even has a certificate to prove it - creates more doubt about the system than anything else. Two Horses therefore recommends that one "should not get sick whilst Woody is on duty…" In general, The C-Types are like their singer: third-rate in every conceivable way (which has always been the point, after all: From Dean to Donna. From God to Goddamn!) Even with nail polish you can't fake the dirt under the ridiculously long fingernails; it's like an infection - it has to be earned! The C-Types supported already on stage Mardi Gras.BB, Bambi Molesters, Bonaparte, Tito & Tarantula …

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