• caltone special  (CD, £9.95)

    label: attack

    Attack Records present the Caltone Special. A collection of producers, musicians and artists who were instrumental in creating some of the best rock steady tracks produced in the 1960ís. Some of these great tracks went unnoticed back in the 60ís, but here we have them alive and sounding fresh and timeless. Produced by Caltone, Phil Pratt & Bunny Lee also featuring artists such as Tommy McCook, Ken Boothe, Heptones, Yvonne Harrison & more. Tracklisting: 1. Near To You (Yvonne Harrison) 2. Do It To Me Baby (Lloyd Jackson Grover) 3. Meet Me At The Corner (Diplomats) 4. I Am Lonely (Heptones) 5. Soulful Music (Emotions) 6. Get On The Ball (Roy Shirley) 7. Sound & Soul (Johnny Moore & Tommy McCook) 8. The Chase (Yvonne Harrison) 9. Dreader Than Dread (Honey Boy Martin) 10. The One I Love (Ken Boothe) 11. Donít Want To Let You Go (Emotions) 12. Roses Are Red My Love (Claudette Thomas) 13. Caltone Special (Tommy McCook) 14. Gunman Coming To Town (Heptones) 15. No Use To Cry (Emotions) 16. Take My Hands (Yvonne Harrison) 17. Sir Pratt Special (Don Drummond Junior) 18. Love Is Strange (Hemsley Morris) 19. Careless Hands (Emotions) 20. You Left The water Running (Ken Boothe) 21. Buy You A Rainbow (Emotions) 22. In The Mood (Danny & Group) 23. 23School Girls (Heptones) 24. Ainít That Bad (Heptones)

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