• driver drive faster Open House (LP, £11.50)

    label: akoustik anarkhy

    Driver Drive Faster are a new band from Manchester, but you wouldn’t necessarily tell. This masterful debut album presents a rich, timeworn sound that exists somewhere between Americana and spectral indie rock. It’s crafted song-writing at its best, hinging on stirring chord sequences and moments of fragile beauty. “A review described us as ‘misfits’,” says singer/guitarist Dylan Giles. “We took it as a compliment.” Named Open House and recorded in the shared digs in which the entire band reside, the album was a labour of love begun in late 2009, poured over in 2010 and set for release in 2011. The result is a lush, layered record that slowly draws you into its world. Think Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs for a new generation. LIVE In their short career, DDF have supported The Aliens, The Phantom Band, Darwin Deez, Japandroids and most recently 3 dates with Cherry Ghost including the Union Chapel and Manchester Cathedral. THE BAND Dylan and Japan-born bassist Yuri Caul met at school in Torquay, Devon. Durham-born Peet Earnshaw joined the fold after meeting them at an open mic night in Withington, South Manchester. Completing the line-up, drummer David Schlechtriemen was recruited via a friend, who described him as ‘excellent’ but ‘very German’. “It fell into place at the first run through as a four-piece,” says Dylan. “When David left the room Yuri punched the air.” Coming from such far-flung places, the players create a sound that’s got little to do with the music of Manchester’s past, but plenty to do with its future. “We like variation in a record; ups and downs, fast and slow, happy and sad, serious and not so serious,” says Dylan. “I guess there is a restlessness in our approach to music” Tracklisting: 1.The Conversation 2.It’s All Over It’s Everywhere 3.Celebrate The Start 4.Missing Out 5.Oxygen 6.They May Talk 7.Can’t Afford to Rely on Fate 8.Gravel Dents 9.Don’t Fall Apart 10.A Mile Back 11.One Last Look 12.Open House

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