• nino rota Federico Fellini: Amarcord (140g green vinyl LP, £17.75)

    label: get back

    La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2 and Amarcord are three of Fellini's masterworks, and the films that have made him one of the most brilliant film directors of the 20th century. 1960's La Dolce Vita, was a film that broke with the tones of Neorealism to depict a lifestyle of excess and pleasure, winning Fellini international acclaim (while being eventually banned in Italy for its scandalous content). 1963's 8 1/2, a film that played with the line between fantasy and reality, was unanimously praised by fans and critics as Fellini's magnum opus. 1973's Amarcord, literally "I Remember", was exactly that, a collection of memories from Fellini's childhood in his hometown of Rimini during Fascism. Considered some of the greatest films of all time, their essence is captured in the soundtracks of Nino Rota, one of Italy's most prolific and acclaimed composers. Rota is perhaps most widely known, however, for his soundtrack to Francis Ford Coppola's first two Godfather films. Now available on single unboxed LPs.

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