• noiserv Bullets On Parade / Tokyo Girl (DOLLBOY remix) (7", £5.50)

    label: Autumn Ferment Records

    After listening to the Noiserv album, 'One Hundred Miles From Thoughtlessness', Autumn Ferment were quick to jump at the chance to release a single for this electro-looping songwriter from Lisbon. We also paired him up with our favourite purveyor of subtle electronic and analogue tones, Dollboy, who has provided an inspired remix for the B side. 'Bullets on Parade' builds steadily, opening up into a mellow yet slightly melancholic mix of looped acoustic and fuzzed guitar, camera clicks and layered chromatic percussion, with David's rich and soothing vocals ever present right there in your ear Jose Gonzalez style. The B side is another album track but one that has been given a reworking by London's Dollboy (Arable/Static Caravan). Dollboy takes Noiserv's track 'Tokyo Girl' and, by injecting an infectious, thrumming beat and adding swirling, wailing synth lines, remixes the track into a heady blend of Glam Rock/Euro pop; Truly a Death Disco remix.

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