• morbid angel Blessed Are the Sick (LP, £14.25)

    label: earache

    Originally released in 1991, the album elevated the entire scene to a more artistic, cultured level, taking influences from classical music and art to bring a touch of class to a previously maligned form of music. ‘Blessed Are the Sick’ is regularly featured in polls listing the best Death Metal albums of all time. Morbid Angel are acknowledged as one of the seminal Death Metal bands, having sold close to 2 million records worldwide in an illustrious career Morbid Angel went on to become the biggest band in the Death Metal genre, even signing to Giant Records in America in the mid 90's. Track Listing Side 1
  1.  Intro     2.  Fall From Grace     3.  Brainstorm     4.  Rebel Lands     5.  Doomsday Celebration     6.  Day Of Suffering     7.  Blessed Are The Sick - Leading The Rats / Side 2
  1.  Thy Kingdom Come     2.  Unholy Blasphemies     3.  Abominations     4.  Desolate Ways     5.  The Ancient Ones     6.  In Remembrance

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