• joanna andraos Khimaira (CD EP, £6.25)

    label: Incognito

    This album marks the first foray into musical territory by talented Lebanese photographer Joanna Andraos. The young artist has spent several years studying classical piano, and has taken this knowledge to some strange, unexpected places on this sophomore album, released on Beirutís Incognito Records. The record dexterously assembles classical strands and influences with modern, computer-generated sound constructions. The end result is reminiscent of Brian Enoís Ambient Music series, tempered with a Middle Eastern edge and spiked with wandering electronics. The latter come courtesy of Jawad Nawfal aka Munma, who appears on several tracks, and whose unmistakable clicks and glitches make for some highly dramatic intrusions. Tracklist : 1 Sine Die, 2. Abyss, 3. Chorouq, 4. Post Erratum Culpa, 5. Nout, 6. Abyss (Aequo remix)

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