• scrambled eggs Happy Together, Filthy Forever (CD, £10.50)

    label: Incognito

    In July 2006, as another edition of the Lebanese-Israeli war raged around them, Lebanese rockers Scrambled Eggs went into the studio to mark down on record their most abrasive and violent set yet. Gone are the moody and introspective ramblings of their 3 previous albums, as the Eggs aim straight for the jugular in this short set (5 tracks) of angry and scorching punk nuggets, which bring to mind both the recent experimentations of Sonic Youth and the rash energy of early Public Image Ltd and Cure. The album also includes a remix of the track ‘Bleeding Nun’ by Lebanese electronica artist Munma. Tracklist : 1. Russian Roulette , 2. Bleeding Nun, 3. Johnny Anti-Christ, 4. Bad Moon Rise, 5. 1984 (live), 6. Bleeding Nun (Munma Remix)

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