• swimming Ellipses (CD, £10.25)

    label: Audiobulb

    Devon Ferrucci is an artist based in Arcata, California who often plays music under the name Swimming. Sometimes he finds his friends joining him under that alias as well. Devon plays guitar, drums, and various objects made from metal, plastic, and colourful wires. He likes to record interesting textures, turn knobs, press buttons, and see what happens. Swimming started some time around 2003 and has developed alongside many other musical projects such as thelittlestillnotbigenough. ‘Ellipses’ is a highly improvisational album. Pieces start with a few notes made from a guitar, a texture, or a random sound. The core is built upon with further improvisations on various instruments and pieces of gear. Emergent themes start to crystallize and become expanded via obsessive processes of moving chunks of audio around by milliseconds, resampling, drawing automation curves, etc…, creating beauty. The end result is music that can actually be listened to rather than endured. ‘Ellipses’ is stylistically diverse, yet conceptually coherent, straddling post rock, electronica and even jazz; plucked guitars and blurred electric chords hover above intricate networks of glitches and analogue beats, glued together by warm bass lines. Swimming blurs the lines between what's played and what's placed, managing a wealth of detail but allowing acres of space between the instruments. In Devon’s own words, “For me, this album is a bit like whispering vague, almost inaudible, advice into the mirror”. Attempting to capture ineffable emotions and sensations, it is music as process, stretching toward the horizon. TRACK LIST : 01. (Aspirated) Plosives 02. We Fill Gaps 03. Anyhow 04. What Duties (1…2…3) 05. Hourglass With Snow 06. Pretending To Have A Heart Attack 07. Body Without Organs 08. Ellipsis Pt 1 09. (…) Pt 2 10. Serious Cycling (A New Yorker In Winter) 11. Ale Study 12. Ticky-Tacky 13. Imagined Openings

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