• boys no good Never Felt Better (CD, £9.95)

    label: indianola

    • BOYS NO GOOD is a pop punk band from Jacksonville, FL featuring members of popular hardcore acts CASEY JONES and KIDS LIKE US. • Their blend of fast hardcore with catchy pop punk is grounded by clean and sometimes raw vocals. As one reviewer writes, "BOYS NO GOOD Are So Good." • The Floridian five-piece came together over friendship surrounded by skateboarding and music. It didn’t take long for the newcomers to inspire fans nationally with the release of their self-titled 5-song demo in December 2009. • Since then the group has toured the U.S. receiving mass fan praise playing alongside bands like NEW FOUND GLORY, BANE, THE WONDER YEARS, EVERGEEN TERRACE and many more. • "The interest we’ve gotten from people has been unexpected and overwhelming," said bassist James Siboni. "We're stoked to be releasing the record this summer. If you're into our band, you definitely won’t be let down."

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