• mocca Colours (CD, £14.95)

    label: Beatball

    A full-natural colored Swinging Pop from Indonesia. The album is the bands third full album and they says "This is a highlight of Mocca". They're recreating Björk's song Hyper-Ballad and Carpenters' song Sing with their own style in this album. Are you ready for experience? "Colours" is the band's third full album. "This is a highlight of Moccas musical journey up to now. It's quite colourful. There are stories about Mocca's relationship with Indonesia, it's local scene, the fans or the relationship among the bands personels" says Riko, "The lyrics in this album represents excitements, disappointments, confusions, anger, jealousy, cynicism, and happiness. So people could openly interpret the meanings of each lyrics." From the musical point of view, Colours underlies that Mocca today is the one who plays with sincerity.

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