• jonah matranga / mikee j reds Countrysides (CD, £4.95)

    label: Engineer Records

    Beautiful acoustic guitar songs from two of the emo scenes top guys. Jonah Matranga is something of a legend in the alternative / emo / hardcore scene. A singer, songwriter and guitarist who has released a variety of solo material under his own name and onelinedrawing. He has previously been part of the bands Far, New End Original and Gratitude too. He now continues to work and tour under his own name as a solo artist. Jonah's tracks on this release are; Sweet Life & Secret World. Please visit www.jonahmatranga.com for more info. Mikee J Reds may be a newer name to many in the scene but he has done his time too, playing in Engineer Records bands The Sketch and now Call Off The Search and touring constantly, he now has his own solo project receiving great reviews. Mikee's tracks on this release are; Living Well & Old Skin. Please visit www.facebook.com/mikeejreds for more info.

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