• savaging spires Bending the Rules of Time (hand numbered white vinyl 7", £7.25)

    label: Great Pop Supplement

    One of 2 killer new 45s on The GPS features a debut on wax from the mysterious Savaging Spires. Arriving with next to nothing in the way of names, history or biog notes, this 7” has an almost deliberate dedication to anonymity about it. A stunning 45 featuring 3 tunes of pastoral psych / acid-folk, call it what you will. An utterly addictive EP, broadly split between standard song structured odes to “The Wicker Man” soundtrack or a passing nod to Espers’ druggy edginess- and sound collaged passages with a multitude of instrumentation, veering back through harmonious yet freewheeling boy / girl shared vocals. A mysterious, intriguing EP, beautifully packaged on printed inside and out hammer press card, with stickers. Edition of 400 only.

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