• whourkr Concrete (CD, £12.95)

    label: Crucial Blast Records

    The second album from French deathtronix duo WHOURKR, Concrete is a whirlwind of electronically processed and treated avant-death/grind that is as violent and brutal as it is complex and obsessively constructed, relying as much on samplers and sound-editing software as it does on bonecrushing technical riffs, vicious screaming and hyperspeed mechanized blastbeats. Following a similiar strategy as James Plotkin's post-production grind experiments on the first Phantomsmasher album, all of the guitars, drums, and vocals are arranged and recorded by Whourkr and then run through a gauntlet of hardcore editing and remixing. Each tracks then becomes a cyclone blast filled with a hundred moving parts; what might at one point been a straightforward death metal song is now defleshed, violated, and reconfigured into a brutal plasma blast of demonic time-stretched vocal acrobatics, ultra complex riffs blasted through a vortex of dizzying time signature changes, screaming glitched-out electronic effects and bizarre filtering, mangled quasi-jungle beats and programmed blastbeats that are so insanely fast that they resemble the blur of ten cds all skipping simultaneously. This is really unique stuff, more death metal than grind really, but filtered through a futuristic cuisinart of ultra-aggressive electronica, like a freaked-out epileptic mashup of Dying Fetus, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Venetian Snares, Blut Aus Nord, and John Zorn. A new fave for enthusiasts of apocalyptic extremo grind/death/jungle/electronica like Drumcorps, Bong-Ra, Dataclast, Noism, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Reptiljan, DHR, and Mulk.

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