• bastions Hospital Corners (CD, £11.25)

    label: In At the Deep End

    Bastions are a visceral alternative/hardcore band hailing from the most northern point of Wales. With three self released E.P.'s under their collective belts, Bastions sharpened their teeth with their 7" "Island Living" (Tangled Talk/Holy Roar). Released in August 2010, "Island Living" was a dark and brooding affair that showed a raw honesty that few bands hold. Recorded by Ben Phillips (Lightship95), the E.P. explored a wide range of sonic territories in just under 10 minutes, and offered an alluring glimpse into what the future would hold. After over a year of relentless touring and writing, Bastions are back with "Hospital Corners". Recorded by friend and fellow member of a touring band, Lewis Johns; their forthcoming debut jumps headfirst to into the void. A record that sheds light on the darkest recesses of the human psyche: Surrendering one’s faculties over to hospitalisation, sinking into disrepair, panic and anxiety and succumbing to dark vices. Heavily influenced by vocalist and lyricist Jamie Burne’s experiences as a support worker and research psychologist, "Hospital Corners" covers a wide scope, but holds a simple recurring theme; failing oneself. Possessed with an unrelenting tension throughout, and balancing the aching heaviness and unorthodox melodies that they're becoming renowned for, Bastions have created a haunting, unsettling debut. From the unassuming opening of "Augury", to the dynamic closer, "Dark Father", the record will surely cast a shadow over much of the close mindedness and "playing it safe" that exists within much of contemporary heavy music." Tracklisting - 1. Augury 2. Visitant 3. In The Shadow of A Mountain 4. The Lengths (When Wants Become Needs) 5. Warmth Of The World 6. Child Of Glass 7. Grief Beggar 8. I Tried To Stitch The Sea To The Shore 9. Onset 10. Dark Father

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