• jean-philippe collard-neven Between the Lines (CD, £15.95)

    label: Flau

    "For nearly 15 years, I've been collecting music in my drawers. Bits of melodies, half-finished pieces, a few chords thrown hastily onto a sheet of paper. It was necessary for someone at the other end of the world (for Belgium, Japan is at the other end of the world) to ask me to release a CD there, for me to put together all these musical bits and pieces and give them, at last, a shape and a face. If this music has been in my drawers for so long, it may be because here in Belgium, I didn't know where it belonged. Not jazz, nor what one may call contemporary music, nor pop, nor chanson? Maybe a bit of everything, maybe something else. It seems to me that by releasing a CD so far from home, these questions would be allowed to fade and that it would be enough to say that it is all simply music, my music. This music attempts to grasp behind the world's faade something else, which our grown-up eyes can no longer see. It attempts to read between the lines what is not said but which we can perceive if only we know how to listen."~J.P. Collard-Neven.

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