• anakrid UnoDos (autographed numbered double CD, £8.95)

    label: Beta-Lactem Ring Records

    Black Series 31 - "UnoDos (Father/Rapture of the Deep) Edition of 400 copies each with an original piece of art by Anakrid. A 2CD set compiling the self released LPs. "Anakrid is the experimental outlet of Chris Bickel (the raconteur behind In/Humanity, one of the greatest groups of hardcore agitators of the 90s, and its follow-up, Guyana Punch Line). Here he applies the smashist manifesto against atavistic darkness of the pre-laptop variety, evoking an affected take on Nurse With Wound and their contemporaries aether in more than a few ways. This comparison is particularly apt on "Father", recorded with what sounds like a home full of disused instruments, second-hand sound sculpture, and the ideas found on countless cassette-only xpr releases of the 80s, returning to roost on the mostly empty temple of No Fun style extremity. Its balanced, rhythmically primal, fairly engaging head music that leverages the occasional reheating of landmark ideas with a refreshing purity of craft wholly missing from the current noise landscape. Rapture of the Deep subtracts the percussive elements, leaving the listener floating in a sea of blue-black death ambience, without any pre-determined boundaries. Song titles and the cover painting of a woman drowning all but spell it out for you, so Ill spare any further nautical/asphyxiatory metaphors and just inform you that this work leans toward the sedimentary, eternal evil type of drone once practiced by Coil than that airy, Stars of the Lid style; its more granular and by side two becomes quite terrifying. Its eerie, tribal, almost polyrhythmic yet not improvisational in the least. Bickel doesnt view his music as an excuse to wank off. It is deliberately composed. He eschews the use of conventional instrumentation, preferring found sounds, home-made instruments and pretty much anything that "makes a sound that can be sculpted and manipulated". I hear the abstract surrealism of Nurse with Wound or Current 93 in the creepy, industrial soundscapes, but theres certainly a thread of Stockhausens electronic period, though its not nearly as mathematical.

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