• stone breath / mike seed and the language of light The Aetheric Lamp (CD, £12.75)

    label: Hand/Eye

    Stone Breath's first release since their triumphant return with "The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird" - "The Aetheric Lamp" finds them exploring similar territory to the expansive Middle Eastern influenced sounds of that previous record. Intricate and driving - half composed and half improvised - tense and intense - beautiful and terrifying. Thematically, the songs explore angelic spirits - but this is no New Age fluff - this holds more in common with the angels of the Old Testament and the works of John Dee. The inimitable Mike Seed and Language of Light bring a collection of songs drifting from the downright dark and haunting to the decidedly wyrd-folk imbued with a profound sense of introspection and occult mystery in melodies reminiscent of English folk ballad or early liturgical hymns. Language of Light, with what can only be described as avant-drone and folk strangeness, lend an ethereal backdrop to this elegant release. Tracks: Stone Breath I. Beautiful and Terrible II. Scorpion Tears III. The Skys Red Tongue Mike Seed with The Language of Light I. Commit to Water II. Grendel at Long Mynd III. Rough Old Night IV. Abrahams Guest V. For a Good Friend

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