• revolution! teen time in corpus christi (1965-1970)  (CD, £13.25)

    label: Cicadelic Records

    In 1966, famed lead guitarist Rod Prince (later of Bubble Puppy) re-wrote The 13th Floor Elevators song "Tried To Hide" as "All Night Long" and released it with The Bad Seeds as their third single. They were the number one band at the time in Corpus Christi. Although "All Night Long" would beat The Elevators "Tried To Hide" (on International Artists) to the market, The Bad Seeds disbanded in the summer of 1966 and other renowned Corpus bands would follow in their footsteps, most scoring top ten hits on the way: Four More with the ultra-rare single "Problem Child" b/w "Dont Give Up Hope". The Zakary Thaks with "Bad Girl" and "Face To Face". The Liberty Bell with "The Nazz Are Blue" and "For What You Lack". The Buckle with "Baroque Rock" on "Ive Got Something On My Mind". Folk-rock singer Michael backed by The Zakary Thaks on all three of his singles, sounding more like a 1966 era Bob Lind than Bob Lind. And Kubla Khan singing about changin times in "Revolution" and pondering whether "the brown grass will be legalized". Memorabilia such as top 30 radio surveys, rare photos, news articles from the era, interviews with band members, sixteen page booklet, and twenty eight tracks(including previously unreleased recordings) combine to make this a trip back to the 60s, when a Revolution in sound was happening in Corpus Christi, Texas. Front Cover Photo-The Liberty Bell, 1967. TRACKS: Four More 1. Its So Hard (previously unreleased) 2. Dont Give Up Hope 3. Bad Boy (previously unreleased) 4. Problem Child The Bad Seeds 5. A Taste Of The Same 6. Im A King Bee 7. All Night Long The Liberty Bell 8. The Nazz Are Blue 9. Thats How It Will Be 10. For What You Lack 11. Something For Me The Zakary Thaks 12. Passage To India (previously unreleased mix) The Liberty Bell 13. Reality Is The Only Answer (echoplex alternate) 14. Eveline Kaye 15. Recognition Kubla Khan 16. Revolution 17. Bad Side Of The Moon The Zakary Thaks 18. Face To Face (previously unreleased mix) The Liberty Bell 19. I Can See (previously unreleased version) 20. Reality Is The Only Answer (take one) 21. Thoughts And Visions The Buckle 22. Ive Got Something On My Mind Michael 23. People Sec. IV 24. Im Nobodys Man 25. My Last Day 26. Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away Away (previously unreleased version) The Bad Seeds 27. Sick And Tired 28. Zilch Part 1

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