• aelter Dusk-Dawn / Follow You Beloved (double CD, £12.50)

    label: Crucial Blast Records

    One of several side-projects to emerge from the Wolvserpent camp, Aelter is the solo effort from guitarist Blake Green. Both bands explore a similar dark, majestic realm with massive, down-tuned guitar roar and bleak, minor-key melodies, but where Wolvserpent blends Greenís chugging, Melvins-esque heaviness and haunting slow-core arpeggios with violins, pounding drums and a propensity for extended hypno-dirges, Aelter almost completely dispenses with drums, filling the spaces with layered keyboards and gorgeous harmonized voices reminiscent of Beggars Banquet or 4AD releases. With Aelterís first two albums, Dawn-Dusk and Follow You Beloved, released only on vinyl in limited quantities (the former already out of print), Crucial Blast has gathered both together for release as a double-disc set. Tracks : Disc One: 1. Dusk 2. Dawn Disc Two: 1. Beloved 2. Follow You

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