• sacred music: a global compilation of trembling blue stars songs  (double CD, £9.95)

    label: Dufflecoat Records

    Dufflecoat's first full length album, spread over 2 CDs and featuring 20 favourite Trembling Blue Stars songs by a global collective of appreciative bands. This is a collection that any Indiepop fan should have. Disc one: Letter Never Sent - Annemarie / Until The Dream Gets Broken - The Arctic Flow / Her World Beneath The Waves - Astrolab / Helen Reddy - Pale Sunday / Beautiful Blank - Sometimes Always / November Starlings - Next Time Passions / Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise - John Girgus / Slow Soft Sighs - Leach Me Lemonade / Sacred Music - Brilliant At Breakfast / Nobody But You - Funny Little Dream Disc two: My Face For The World To See - Bubblegum Lemonade / The Imperfection Of Memory - Jenny Arson / I No Longer Know Anything - Archaster / Idyllwild - Piccadilly / Moonlight On Snow - Sundae / Ammunition - Carnival Park / Hurry Home Through The Crowd - The French Defence / Abba On The Jukebox - Skittle Alley / As Long As She's Needed - The Saturday Guy / The Sea Is So Quiet - Pop At Summer

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