• michael gibbs and the ndr big band Back In the Day (CD, £11.50)

    label: Cuneiform

    The legendary 'Brit-jazz' composer and arranger Michael Gibbs was born in 1937 in Zimbabwe and was originally a trombonist as well. Starting in the late 60s, he recorded a series of highly acclaimed and influential albums featuring many of the most prominent British-based jazz players who, like Michael, were beginning to flirt with jazz/rock. Since the 80s, he has mostly done arrangements and orchestrations for major names such as Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Whitney Houston, Peter Gabriel and Sister Sledge among many others, while too infrequently recording his own music Back in the Day is a too rare opportunity to hear Gibbs' music, arranged and conducted by the composer, in front of a well-rehearsed, 18 piece band, filled with great soloists and ensemble players. Audiophile recording of this great jazz composer and arranger fronting a well-honed 18-piece big band in a programme of original modern jazz plus three specially arranged classics. Features guest soloist Gary Burton (vibes). The profile and interest in the 60s/70s wave of British jazz talents has never been higher and Gibbs is one of the major names in the field.

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