• mongrelettes Mon Mec a Moi (4-track 7", £6.50)

    label: Fuzz Overdose Records

    "It seems that the new garage generation in Greece is very active with some really cool new bands! One of them is the almost female band The Mongrelettes (four wylde girls and one guy). They've been in action since 2009. Two of them were also members of other cool garage bands in the past. Marika was the lead singer of The B-Sides and Chris was the organ player of The Teddy Boys From The Crypt and The Psykicks. The sound of The Mongrelettes is influenced by 60s US garage, 60s French beat and the 80s garage revival sounds! They produce a fresh sound, with sweet female vocals and a Farfisa-driven garage beat stomp. This EP delivers four great original songs. The A-side contains the French garage beat song "Mon mec a moi" (that's gonna make you move your feet with its organ-driven shakin' rhythm) and the super moody garage song "My baby is gone" which finishes with an explosive rhythm driven by Silver's hits and Marika's screams. On the B-side the amazing "You got me crying" with Marilou's fuzzy guitars, Penny's exciting bass lines and Chris's great Farfisa sound brings to mynd some really cool female garage bands from the States in the 80s like the Pandoras and The Brood. The EP closes with the stormy garage punk stomp "Take it easy" showing the wyld part of the band! ~Peris Mihos/Lost In Tyme.

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