• mark fry & the a. lords I Lived In Trees (180g vinyl LP, £11.95)

    label: Golden Pavilion

    Recorded in Normandy, Dorset and Oxfordshire, I Lived In Trees is a chamber-folk album of instant, copasetic allure, hallmarked by Marks painterly take on existence and memory; its often affecting lyrics, rich in nature metaphors, etched with nostalgia or set in poignant dreamscapes, all leant clarity and an almost Zen-like stillness by the A. Lords. With the aid of Mike Tanner and Nick Palmer & subtle string arrangements by Steve Bentley-Klein as well as adroit mixing by Lemon Jellys Nick Franglen. It's taken a while, but its surely been worth it; and unlike Dreaming With Alice, this one won't need a time machine to find its target audience. A co-production between Second Language and Golden Pavilion. Limited to 500 copies only.

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