• bored teenagers vol. 1  (CD, £9.50)

    label: bin liner

    OK ladies & gentlemen, the wait is over...This classic album was originally released back in 1999 and was a start of something special and that has now become a highly collectable series. Similar to what the Americans have done with the Pebbles and Killed By Death series. The Bored Teenagers series is a little different as it is 100% legit and all the bands involved have an input in supplying the sleeve notes and rare photos etc. This reissue contains a couple of extra photos of bands that were not included the first time around. Tracks: 01 The Committed - Fast Lane 02 Schoolgirl Bitch - Abusing The Rules 03 Henry Essence - 14 Year Old Lover 04 The Grout - Cremation At Belson 05 The Amazing Space Frogs - Necrophilia 06 The Anal Fleas - Landlord 07 Discharge - Any Town 08 The Crime - Johnny Come Home 09 Accident On The East Lancs - Tell Me What You Mean 10 No Way - Breaking Point 11 Discharge - Hardcore Punx 12 The Committed - Crash Victim 13 The Grout - Fast Cars 14 Xpress - Stop, Start (And Go Back Again).

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