• thomas truax Monthly Journal (CD, £7.95)

    label: Blang

    Thomas Truax emerged from the fertile New York Antifolk scene that also birthed Jeffrey Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Beck and Regina Spektor. He is famed for his array of bizarre homemade instruments and his energetic live shows as well as his imaginative and romantic songwriting. His sixth album Monthly Journal is released on Blang in conjunction with Truax's own Psychoteddy label. Monthly Journal is the result of Thomas’s self-imposed challenge to write, record and release online a song each month throughout 2011. The year proved challenging. His father died in March ('March Winds'), a 5-year love relationship broke up in June ('Lost On The Moon In June'), and more recently he was forced to leave England which he has called home for the past several years due to tightening UK visa restrictions. Add to this the political, economic and social unrest of the past year, and there was no shortage of substance from which Truax could draw inspiration for this unique project. Tracks from Monthly Journal have been played by Jarvis Cocker (with whom Truax collaborated on a live film score last year), Tom Robinson, Radcliffe and Maconie and others. "There's always a feeling you're listening to something different and something very very special." Drowned In Sound // “Like a trip to the frayed edges of sanity. . .unapologetically original." Dazed and Confused // "He's a serious proposition." Q // "Beguilingly Bizarre" Uncut // "Amid the gleeful sonic invention it's easy to miss how good his songwriting can be...Truax is shaping up nicely as one of the great rock eccentrics." Morning Star

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