• audience Hearts (LP, £16.75)

    label: Hazelwood

    The Audience was founded in 2003 in Nürnberg and released their first album ‘Celluloid‘ on the cult independent-Label ‘Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics‘ in 2007. Soon after the five-piece was signed by one of the biggest German booking agencies ‘FKP-Scorpio‘, which sent them on tour throughout Europe where they proofed to be one of Germany‘s most incredible and exciting live acts. 

In addition to being the only German band invited to the biggest French music festival Eurockénnes de Belfort, where they won the bandvoting, they played highly acclaimed shows with The Wombats, The Robocop Kraus and Blood Red Shoes. The second album ‘Dancers and Architects‘ was released in 2008 and enthusiastically celebrated by both press and audience. “The Audience are incalculable and right because of that one of the most fascinating bands Germany has to offer at the time“ (Motor.de). 

After extensive and successful touring in Germany, Italy, Norway, France, Switzerland, Austria and The Netherlands and support shows with The Kooks and Trail of Dead, the band took a break in 2010 to write new songs, radically refining their sound. 

Their current album ‘Hearts‘ was recorded in a big music hall over the period of one year. The aim was to catch both energy and emotions of an authentic live-on-stage situation. The recordings document The Audience‘s most intense, dynamic and sophisticated moments, without losing their very own feeling for catchy melodies.

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