• stone breath The Night Birds Psalm (CD, £13.25)

    label: Hand/Eye

    An expanded Stone Breath bring forest hymns and acid folk with long time members Timothy (timeMOTHeye), and Prydwyn being joined by new blood Don Belch (Ninetail), Carin Wagner Sloan (ex-Iditarod), Brooke Elizabeth, and Kira. Guitars, banjos, dulcimers, bouzouki, celtic harp, hand drums, flutes and whistles add the instrumental textures, with haunting harmonies lifting the vocals. The Night Birds Psalm finds Stone Breath looking back thematically to the earth-folk of the early albums, while stepping forward musically, invigorated by new members and new ideas (and some very old ideas as well). Subtitled "...and Other Songs We Sung Beneath the Silver Web," The Night Birds Psalm is the third chapter in Stone Breaths silver thread (following 1998s A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons and 2001s The Silver Skein Unwound) - the three albums weave together a kind of nature poetry with personal experience. The Night Birds Psalm presents twelve original songs that are strange, dark, and beautiful. Like the forest. track listing: 1 The Night Birds Psalm 2 Page 43 Upon the Wind 3 Walking Sam 4 Weaving the Mothshroud 5 This is What the Sparrow Sings 6 Sweet Flowers and Damp Grave 7 The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag 8. As Water Over Stone 9 One Good Eye 10 A Sorrow Spell 11 To Sleep with Skeletons 12 Mothwing Sacred Heart

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