• desolation singers The Blood Between Us (CDR, £10.50)

    label: Hand/Eye

    A limited edition of 100. At its core, beneath the smoke, haze, dragging guitars, and broken reverb pedals the Desolation Singers' music is a slightly tweaked, very gothic take on country music. To be sure, Neddal Ayad and Sophie Nadaud are rockers at heart. And neither of them seem entirely comfortable around an acoustic guitar, but listen close and weaving it's way through the songs on The Blood Between Us is the ghost of that beautiful F-C-G progression that forms the backbone of hundreds of songs of heartache and lust. They sidestep into the most primal blues with a cover of the traditional John The Revelator and are joined by timeMOTHeye (Timothy Renner) on the murder ballad Shaking Tree. Neddal plays guitar in the does, makes noise with Amanda Votta/The Floating World in Secrets To The Sea, and records solo as The Great Attractor. Sophie Nadaud has released several solo records as Madame B, plays in the duo Les Enfants Sales, and has collaborated with numerous people including Camp Z, Lonesome Wyatt, and Guilty Strangers track listing: 1. Hanged Man 2. Circle of Crows 3. Tear You Up 4. The Blood Between Us 5. Lexo 6. John the Revelator 7. Sun Will Rise 8. Shaking Tree

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