• tigercats Isle of Dogs (CD, £10.75)

    label: Acuarela

    Isle of Dogs, the debut album from East London indiepop band Tigercats, is released on CD on Acuarela. With 11 fantastically catchy, heartfelt and infectious songs, the band are well in to their stride, demonstrating an enthusiastic confidence and a fun-loving charisma. Hereʼs a bit of history: Tigercatsʼ singer Duncan played in Esiotrot until suddenly he didn't, and after a respectful interval of ambling around for 18 months he asked his brother Giles to join on bass in a new band. The name Tigercats appeared out of the air and was soon followed by Jonny on drums, Stefan on guitar and Laura on keyboard. Tigercats have released three singles on Haircut and WeePop! records that have been mostly compared to Orange Juice and Hefner, with the Wave Pictures and Violent Femmes close behind. Steve Lamacq said their longest ever song, "Banned at the Troxy" was "a great little single" and Huw Stephens said "it reminds me of Los Campesinos that, and thatʼs a very very very good thing". This is of course excellent, and perhaps someone will pick up on their love of Chic eventually. Tigercats have been lucky enough to play some great shows with Allo Darlin, the Wave Pictures, the Lovely Eggs, Dum Dum Girls, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Omi Palone. After one show, Darren Hayman kindly said, "Incidentally, Tigercats are really good. Not [just] in that way that most people say bands are good, but good in a way that means something.." Which is ideal, really. “Their songs betray no ulterior motives of forced cool, only an enthusiastic young band in love with making songs. Excellent, alive, and bright.” Artrocker // “Tigercats are that rarest of bands, an indie-pop act you can actually dance to…” Neon Filler // “…it reminds me of Los Campesinos that, and thatʼs a very very very good thing.” Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1 // “What Tigercats has come up with is a manifesto for what it means to be alive, to be in London and to be living life… if I was 16 right now Iʼd think this album was sent to save my life.” A Layer of Chips // “TIGERCATS write songs about Stevie Nicks and Whitechapel, all delivered atop a cloud of shimmering dream rock. Drums twist and guitars bloom like fireworks, whilst a plaintive vocal sounding eerily like Pete Shelley underpins their sound.” Upset the Rhythm // Tracklisting: Coffin For The Isle Of Dogs, Konny Huck, Full Moon Reggae Party, The Vapours, Stevie Nicks, Harper Lee, Limehouse Nights, Kim & Thurston, Easter Island, Banned At The Troxy, Jonny.

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