• feed the rhino The Burning Sons (CD, £11.50)

    label: In At the Deep End

    Since forming from the grim depths of the river Medway, Feed The Rhino have been tearing the UK apart with a live show that's warranted countless rave reviews from every top dog in the business including a 5KKKKK smasher at last summer's notorious Sonisphere festival. Not bad considering the almighty Slipknot's headlining performance was the only other spectacle to receive kerrang's 100% seal of approval that day. Metal Hammer have backed the band from day dot relentlessly promoting debut album "Mr Red Eye" and stating that "Feed The Rhino are thee band to watch out for", as well as the noise heads at Big Cheese and Rock sound singing the Rhino's praises. The success of "Mr Red Eye" elevated the band into the heavy spotlight and attracted the attention and support slots of Britain's elite. Gallows were the first to take the Rhino under their wing and offer the band the sort of venues and experience worthy of the chaos they bring to the stage. The connection between the UK veterans and the new kids on the block runs deeper than sharing sweaty venues together though, bassist Stu Gilli-Ross manages the Kent quintet and is kind of the bands big brother and original Rhino fan. Sheffield metal heads "While She Sleeps" also enjoyed an epic tour and mutual bromance with the dirty southerners as well as FTR smashing up towns up and down the country co-headlining their own tour with "Heights". After pouring every last drop out of the heart that was "Mr Red Eye", the 18 months of touring the record had to eventually holt and a new project was born. Make no mistake about it, the band have the full intention of enlightening every mind that encounter's "The Burning Sons", the long awaited 2nd Rhino album. Being the best is EVERYTHING to this band and the belief that making music should be about innovation, experimentation and basically blowing up the human consciousness with the force of creativity is the aim for the new record and Every "Feed the Rhino" project. With "The Burning Sons" ready to drop in July and tours at Home, Europe and the festival season around the corner, you can be sure The Rhino is coming for YOU! For the most heartfelt, beautifully intense chaos you're likely to see anywhere on this planet, beg, borrow or steal but get to a show. Miss this band at your peril!!!!"

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