• section 25 From the Hip (double LP, £20.95)

    label: factory

    Yes, Factory Records!! Look out for some more classics on the way! Factory Records Ltd present a brand new vinyl edition of ‘From The Hip’ by Section 25, originally issued in the summer of 1984. Produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order, the album marked a bold step toward the mainstream by the Blackpool quartet, combining smooth synthpop with seamless electro beats. Digitally re-mastered, this deluxe double vinyl edition features the original FACT 90 album plus a bonus 12” 45 rpm single coupling two versions of seminal single ‘Looking From A Hilltop’. First issued in 1984 as FAC 108, the seminal ‘Megamix’ version offers eight minutes of proto-techno perfection, edited and mixed by Sumner and Donald Johnson of ACR, and later sampled by both Orbital and The Shamen. The flipside features a pin-sharp reboot of Hilltop by Stephen Morris (New Order/The Other Two), produced in 2010. The artwork for this new edition of FACT 90 has been subtly restyled by designer Peter Saville, with assistance from Matthew Robertson and Idea Digital. Although original vocalists Larry and Jenny Cassidy have sadly passed away, Section 25 continue to perform and record in 2012, fronted by founder member Vin Cassidy, along with Beth Cassidy (daughter of Larry and Jenny) on vocals and keyboards. SXXV bring their retro-futurism to the 02 Academy (Islington) in London on 1 June 2012. Tracklist: LP 1: 1. THE PROCESS 2. LOOKING FROM A HILLTOP 3. REFLECTION 4. PREPARE TO LIVE 5. PROGRAM FOR LIGHT 6. DESERT 7. BENEATH THE BLADE 8. INSPIRATION LP 2: 1. LOOKING FROM A HILLTOP (MEGAMIX) 2. LOOKING FROM A HILLTOP (STEPHEN MORRIS MIX)

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