• sons of noel and adrian Knots (CD, £8.75)

    label: Broken Sound

    The follow-up to Sons Of Noel And Adrian’s critically acclaimed self-titled debut. · SONAA are a multi-tentacled 11-piece experimental psych-folk behemoth. More of a sprawling musical whirlpool centred around a few key members than a traditional band, not unlike Broken Social Scene. · The band members make up most of the renowned Willkommen Collective, and are the players behind everyone from Laura Marling and The Leisure Society, to Damo Suzuki. · “Each inspirational, frequently brooding composition speaks in intricate tongues of simpler times, evocative instrumental breakdowns speaking the words the lips cannot. An intensely vivid journey into a discordantly beautiful world, Sons Of Noel And Adrian have liberated themselves from the constraints of society’s sonic status quo, and in doing so, have created something truly inspirational” - Drowned in Sound · Experimental psych folk / alt-folk, for fans of Arcade Fire, Silver Mt. Zion, and Bonnie Prince Billy. · At times soft and orchestral, at times crass and loud, ‘Knots’ is always infused with beauty and tenderness: soulful, taunt, honed and with a new found love of Kosmiche experimentation. Such selfless creative interdependence is at the heart of the Willkommen Collective and Sons Of Noel And Adrian. · The results of their musical co-operative have yielded an album that transcends their debut and positions them as a unique and thrilling proposition.

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