• vali ohm 3000 Light Years (CD, £9.25)

    label: Casket Music

    Danny Jackson is the man behind Vali ohm, born in Essex, UK the man has spent most of his life writing and playing music. It was in 1990 that he joined a local band trying to get somewhere in the busy London underground circuit, and for the next five years they crafted their sound, mixing hard rock, punk, psychedelia and striking songwriting to make songs that were - and still are - great pieces of rock music. Joint Venture did many gigs around London and also recorded an album 'Shabbat Aramadam' but despite the positive offers of touring abroad and a publishing contract, the lives of the musicians were changing so much that the band eventually dissolved. And it was a full decade after the decline of JV that Dan decided to return to making music. So, rejuvenated with fresh ideas he decided to enter the world of music production and go it alone, and Vali Ohm was born. And together with the inspirational Nik Tuner (Hawkwind) who collaborated on the single, the band have already received some great press, radio and comments, prior to its release on Casket this year.

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