• destroyer Destroyer's Rubies (CD, £8.75)

    label: Acuarela

    Older album now reduced in price, the latest album is out now and getting great press in all the key papers. Poetically and musically speaking, Daniel Bejar (Vancouver) is regarded as one of the most intelligent and resourceful composers of our time, both with his contributions to the acclaimed New Pornographers and with his more personal project, Destroyer, where he gives free reign to his own ruling passions by means of literary and lyrically styled pop music. After Acuarela’s domestic release of Your Blues two years ago, the new album, Destroyer’s Rubies, is presented exclusively to Europe with a bonus track not included in the American label’s edition (Merge). Bejar’s Dylanesque flare for biting and sardonic wit and his nods to the glam and bombastic folk approaches of early Tyrannosaurus Rex and Bowie recordings have clearly distanced Destroyer from the more straightforward pop of his “other” band, The New Pornographers. Bejar himself claims that influences on Destroyer’s Rubies come from the works of Kevin Coyne, Kevin Ayers & Kevin Rowland, pretty much anyone named Kevin.

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