• lords of altamont Midnight to 666 (180g vinyl LP, £21.50)

    label: fargo

    The Los Angeles based Lords of Altamont evoke the feeling of psychedelic influenced, 60s, biker mayhem with rock grinding guitars. Its been over a decade since the Lords Of Altamont have emerged the depths of the Los Angeles garage scene pounding their way to the top! With years of lineup changes Jake "The Preacher" Cavaliere, Shawn "Sonic" Medina, and John "Big Drag" Saletra have found their perfect lineup. Its been a long time coming, and now the Lords are complete. Harry Drumdini (of The Cramps) was truly the missing ingredient the Lords have been craving to regain power in the rhythm section. Harry brought back that primal urge to the Lords sound! The band has never been tougher, tighter, and sexier until Drumdinis and Sonics rhythm section has become one! The band (or should we say gang) has never been better!

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