• bleak angel Reborn (CD, £9.25)

    label: Casket Music

    Bleak Angelís melodic vocal harmony and strumming guitars create the bandís kicked-back, rock/folk sound.Having added to the line up with lead guitar, bass and drums, Bleak Angelís repertoire ranges from relaxing guitar and vocals in its haunting ballads to a full sound for up tempo folk/rock. Bleak Angelís second album, Reborn, displays this full gamut, with an accomplished mix of tracks for chilling out and for foot-tapping. Simple, catchy melodies teamed with sometimes complex vocal harmonies and layered guitar parts underpin every track. The close vocal harmonies and laid-back riffs of Bleak Angel are reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel with a twist of Lemonheads. Fans of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Bob Dylan, The Lighthouse Family, Beautiful South and Neil Young will all find something in Bleak Angel's chilled-out sound.

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