• paul flaherty / bill nace An Airless Field (CD, £3.15)

    label: Ecstatic Peace

    Paul Flaherty remains one of North America’s most breathtaking free-sax wonders. With white flowing beard and twinkling eye he can either blow solo, levitating all real estate to a higher key of thought, or collaborate with anyone lucky enough to travel his spaceway of experience. Radical guitarist Bill Nace has been connecting with Flaherty for a number of years now. Nace is the secret weapon of the New England underground free scene and has been charming basement dwellers searching for portals to new noise dimensions with his prepared guitar administration in accordance with both Chris Corsano in the legendary Vampire Belt and with Thurston Moore in the magic wild style of Northampton Wools. Here, in duo with the master Flaherty, he drops and sails and the two men create journeys both frightening and enlightening. A strange and beautiful session.

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