• evan caminiti Psychic Mud Shrine (CD, £12.75)

    label: Digitalis

    One of two new solo album Digitalis has released by BARN OWL members EVAN CAMINITI and JON PORRAS. "In a perfect world, Evan Caminiti would be a guitar god worshipped by hordes of spike-wearing metalheads. Seriously. Caminiti's newest solo offering (and first large-scale release) is a big, smoldering mass of guitar sacrifices. We're deep down in the hollows now. Psychic Mud Shrine is epic in every way. Thick, massive walls of lava-flow guitars bow down at an altar of excess. Caminiti creates jagged drones like no other. Distorted guitars sound simultaneously tortured and energized like it's unsure if this hell on earth brings pleasure or pain."-Digitalis. Edition of 500 in gatefold jackets with all art designed by Caminiti.

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