• bishi Albion Voice (CD, £14.75)

    label: Gryphon Records

    Bishi’s new album Albion Voice explores themes of Britain ancient and modern, the rich tapestry of East London's folklore, social politics and cultural mix providing a vivid backdrop to the writing. The title track features, (Film composer) John Williams’ string players. Recorded over two years in LA, London & Buenos Aires it’s theme is the search for identity in a multicultural world. The album draws upon diverse influences such as Bulgarian throat singing, prog rock and medieval folk combining them in an eclectic yet coherent work of style and grandeur. The words of Chaucer, Milton and Crowley track the development of English from a medieval ‘mongrel tongue’ to the modern language of today. One of the highlights of the album is ‘Dia Ti Maria’, an 8min choral work – the debut performance grabbed the front page of the New York Times who announced Bishi as the 'New British Diva'. A limited release received wide critical acclaim and the piece will be re-released later in the year featuring the world famous Kronos Quartet. ‘Gram Chara’ is a duet with Susmitsa Bhattacharya – Bishi’s Mum! - a highly respected Indian Classical singer.

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