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    label: household name

    Debut album for HOUSEHOLD NAME RECORDS • Recorded and produced by Pete Miles (THE KING BLUES, TELLISON, CRAZY ARM, CANTERBURY,WE ARE THE OCEAN) • ‘London’ is an album about life, death, love and lessons learnt :a personal and intense account of our experiences over the last few years • It’s hard to pinpoint specific influences. The band name is taken from GRADE, with a sound formed by bands like AGAINST ME, and it's probably fair to say that there would be no AIHN if it wasn't for bands like ALKALINE TRIO and BOYSETSFIRE • However everything from the heavier end of hardcore and punk through to commercial pop and grime has had an impact and most definitely influences us musically, whether or not it really shows • LP is packed in a Gatefold Heavyweight Gatefold LP Sleeve with a 24pp Booklet and bonus CDR of the whole album

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