• seirom 1973 (double CD, £12.50)

    label: Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis is very proud to announce the release of '1973', a double album from SEIROM. *One of the best albums we have heard this year, Seirom has crafted a beautiful, stark, atmospheric, sometimes unsettling record on a par with the likes of Tim Hecker, Fennesz, GAS, Thomas Koner, Murcof, Sunno))). *SEIROM is about 'beauty' and melancholy, the more beautiful aspects of life. *SEIROM is about personal expression without boundaries, internal or external. *SEIROM is about grand bombastic melody filtered through noise and black metal aesthetics. The marriage of wedding bells to blastbeats. About a certain feeling..a longing lost long ago. *SEIROM is M.C. De Jong, mastermind of GNAW THEIR TONGUES, ADERLATING and others, a stalwart of bleak and desolate music for many years. SEIROM sees a different side of De Jong's musical output, an outpouring of glorious light spread across two CDs. Disk one : 'Strands of golden light' CD1-01_strands of golden light 7:49 CD1-02_never so lost 6:10 CD1-03_as hills 6:58 CD1-04_1973 4:36 CD1-05_forever 3:23 CD1-06_my dear 5:41 CD1-07_at night 6:03 CD1-08_november 6:09 Disk two: 'Love songs for black hearts' CD2-01_to disappear 3:29 CD2-02_never want to feel that way again 7:25 CD2-03_deep still silent earth 7:49 CD2-04_change 4:27 CD2-05_nur dast bist du 6:56 CD2-06_for black hearts 8:39 CD2-07_experience the light 6:05

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