• infinity people In Love With the Light (double LP, £15.95)

    label: Cass Records

    A universal release by UFO Factory, Burger Records, Cass Records, X! Records, Italy Records and the Life-Like. INFINITY PEOPLE is an American kosmische musik-freak rock revue-astral soul-spiritual-musical commune and revival. Formed out of the New Detroit movement in the first decade of the 21st century - NEAR PROG MOVES-RAUCOUS HIGH ENERGY MOTOR CITY STYLE FREAK OUTS-ACID ACOUSTIC SONG CIRCLES-SANSKRIT-ESPERANTO-A DOG-A BABY - a state of mind - a musical snapshot of a moment in the the life of this family known as INFINITY PEOPLE. Recorded at Key Club and UFO Factory. Super fancy double gatefold "old style" Stoughton press cover. Comes with a digital download code and eternal locked grooves on each side!

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