• sutekh hexen with andrew liles Breed In Me the Darkness (CD, £11.50)

    label: Aurora Borealis

    A breathtaking collision of noise, black metal and post-industrial magnificence. Two immense tracks from Sutekh Hexen and two epic reimaginings from Andrew Liles (collaborator with NURSE WITH WOUND, CURRENT 93 and more). *'Breed In Me The Darkness' stands as the aural/visual apex to an era for SUTEKH HEXEN. The two central tracks, as dense and intricate as any of the band's previous output, were turned over to ANDREW LILES to complete the vision of what these recordings meant. The incredible re-visioning of Liles takes the release to uncharted and undreamed of dimensions. Twinned with the photography of A.E. Csaky, with design by Kevin Gan Yuen (guitars/electronics), 'Breed In Me The Darkness' is one of the most astonishing and powerful ever releases on Aurora Borealis. *SUTEKH HEXEN hail from San Francisco, USA, and have been demolishing musical boundaries in extreme music, unlearning the traditions of black metal, since 2010. They have previous releases on Handmade Birds, Magic Bullet and Holy Terror. *ANDREW LILES is a sonic genius and a hugely prolific artist with numerous solo releases as well as works with The Hafler Trio, Faust, Nurse with Wound, and Current 93 among other. He is based in the UK. "SH have turned the paradigm of black metal completely on its ear...a rapture of tonal intricacies and sonic densities that erect, brick by brick, into a wall that is so rich with innovative layers of sound decon[recon]struction, that the end result is the musical equivalent of a Tolstoy novel transcribed in binary code. These are fresh, unique, unparalleled compositions that, if anything, only cultivate further interest upon each listen." - Handmade Birds "SUTEKH HEXEN have managed to concoct a sound that, while bearing some similarities to black metal, noise, and dark ambient, transforms individual genre signifiers into something altogether different, an oppressive wall of sound that transcends such limiting nomenclature altogether. *Theirs is a cathartic roar, haunted by the paradox of reliance on a sonic violence that can just as easily assume an almost meditative quality through the sheer force of its unyielding aggression. It is an approach where layers reveal themselves with each successive listen and elements that might initially seem at odds begin to work in tandem, forcing a constant shift in an understanding of what the band is attempting." - Magic Bullet Tracklisting: 01 We Once Walked Upon These Coals (...To Save Us From Satan's Power Mix) 17:40 02 We Once Walked Upon These Coals 5:56 03 Selling Light to Lesser Gods 5:56 04 Selling Light to Lesser Gods (He Is Risen Mix) 15:23

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