• death vessel Stay Close (LP, £16.25)

    label: Immune

    Sub Pop liked this album so much they have already signed up Death Vessel for the U.S. Laura and Meg Baird of Espers sing on the album. Death Vessel is the name of Joel Thibodeauís new work as both a solo artist and band leader. Thibodeauís vocal delivery is astonishing. Perhaps his vocal style could be best described as descendant from "the high lonesome sound" unleashed upon the world by Roscoe Holcomb in the early 1960ís. With this voice, Death Vessel delivers stunning lyrical poetry that transcends the "whisky íní haystack" imagery of its neo-folk contemporaries. Thibodeau brings this same unusual experimentation to the acoustic guitar (his primary instrument). The daringly melodic plucking of strings and the odd tempo changes provide expertly unexpected accompaniment.

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