• joe strummer & the mescaleros Streetcore (CD, £11.50)

    label: hellcat

    ‘60th Anniversary Remastered’. On August 21st 2012 John Graham Mellor, better known to the world as Joe Strummer, would have been 60 years old. In celebration of his life and music, Hellcat is reissuing two of the classic releases he made with the Mescaleros that closed out his glorious career with music as vital and engaged as any he had made. Since their release at the turn of the millennium, these albums have grown in reputation, as Joe’s work with The Mescaleros now seems far ahead of its time with its artful blend of world and electronic influences. With new liner notes by Strummer collaborators like Jim Jarmusch, this remastered version of Streetcore includes 7 extra tracks including rare b-sides and live cuts which further the story this amazing album is ready to tell. TRACKLISTING: 1 Coma Girl, 2 Get Down Moses, 3 Long Shadow, 4 Arms Aloft, 5 Ramshackle Day Parade, 6 Redemption Song, 7 All In A Day, 8 Burnin' Streets, 9 Midnight Jam, 10 Silver And Gold, Bonus tracks CD Only: 11 The Harder They Come (live) (B-side to Coma Girl), 12 Rudi A Message To You (live) (B-side to Coma Girl), 13 Blitzkreig Bop (live) (B-side of Coma Girl), 14 Yalla Yalla (live) (B-side to Coma Girl), 15 Armagideon Time (B-side to Redemption Song), 16 Pressure Drop (B-side to Redemption Song), 17 Junco Partner (from Give Em The Boot IV comp)

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