• minamo + lawrence english A Path Less Travelled (LP, £15.50)

    label: Immune

    A Path Less Travelled is a collaboration between Japanese electro-acoustic quartet Minamo and Australian composer and media artist Lawrence English *A Path Less Travelled was initially released in 2010 on CD by the Room40 label. It quickly sold out and is now offered by Immune on vinyl for the very first time with brand new artwork *Cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at D&M in Berlin and pressed on high-quality virgin vinyl at RTI the LP is housed in an uncoated stock jacket with a free download coupon *Minamo formed in 1999 and have released their music with 12k and Apestaartje. They have previously collaborated with the Swedish group Tape *Lawrence English is a composer and media artist who operates the Room40 label and has released his music on esteemed labels such as Touch, 12k, Digitalis, and Experimedia *As the title suggests, A Path Less Travelled is an auditory venture beyond the hinterland of the sound worlds inhabited by Minamo and Lawrence English. It’s a collection of rich texture, pulsing vibration and reflective melody. A compelling union of Minamo’s restrained instrumentalism and Lawrence English’s considered sense of space and harmony. A Path Less Travelled collects distant sonic smoke signals passed between one island and another. “Between the placid beauty of Minamo’s disarticulated tunes and English’s harmonium and bass, the music courses with warmth... The drones are fat and windy, the instrumentation spindly and bright, creating a well-balanced sound mass that banks through prismatic timbres and textures.” – Pitchfork *Tracklisting: 1. The Path 2. Headlights 3. Glimmer 4. Springhead 5. Fireworks

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